Lilliput Planning Matters

27 October, 2015 | Planning Matters

The area within and around Lilliput, is currently facing bouts of unprecedented change & development which are being promoted by those set to profit from the acquisition of properties to be redeveloped, potentially in the aftermath of Borough of Poole’s lifting of the Conservation Status of various of our Key Locations.

Whilst change can be for the better, when it is just a question of how many units can be squeezed onto a plot, which is likely to be subdivided to provide greater density, the outcomes can be predictable with an increased amount of urbanisation to the detriment of the locality & those who take pride in the area.

These are factors which are significant to many Local Residents and those endeavouring to look after us, when this is equated alongside the national drive to give the building industry greater impetus/progress. The intention is to secure more housing to meet increased demand – within the bounds of ‘affordability’, therein to provide extra funds as a spin-off for the Local Authority to finance ‘community-enhancements’ ranging from traffic improvement schemes, to new kerbside bins to encourage litter control & dog tidies. Yet in our area house prices are well above the national average and the age profile also relatively higher.

Experts may likely advocate that as a result this is indicative of the need to construct more blocks of flats;and to support bungalows being replaced by houses; detached becomes semi-detached or part terraced; also that the height of houses be maximised to result in more accommodation, by adding an extra storey. Of course other significant factors within our area can be well expressed by ‘location, location, location’ ! So that a shoreline spot is worth having and a glimpse of the harbour whenever achieved is very desirable.

Our Residents’ Association President & Comm. Members try to balance various factors including empathy with the various parties concerned as decision takers, and those inexorably affected by planning matters… Yet it is inevitable that opposition has to be garnished and expressed when planning applications transcend the bounds of what is acceptable, where this is bound to provoke certain accusation of being NIMBYISTIC ! Yet we can hold our heads up high, and be proud of our efforts in trying to confront problems; to maintain the intrinsic worth of our area; to withhold common sense, practical compromise + what we agree is right.