Planning Application – 9 apartments at 38 Dorset Lake Avenue

15 January, 2019 | Planning Matters

Application No APP/18/01543/F
Demolition of existing property and Erect 9 apartments, with associated parking and access

This latest application (APP/18/01543/F) to erect 9 “railway carriage” apartments on a single house site by increasing the critical mass by 64% at 38 Dorset Lake Avenue very much rides on the back of the unfulfilled combined permission (APP/16/01147/F) which was for 26 apartments on site Nos 34, 36, 38 and 40 DLA.

Despite the very many valid objections of neighbours, it was quite shocking when the original combined project was recommended and approved by the Planning Committee on 23rd February 2017. £1.3m in Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) would have been attractive.

Since then nothing has happened and the scheme has fallen-apart due to various changes in circumstances. Objections to this latest application are available on the BoPP website:

Regeneration is necessary but it is usually not considerate to the neighbourhood nor realistic in aspiration or commerciality. This particular application of “pack them in and stack them high” cannot rely on precedent because it is between two single house sites and no longer part of the dreadful original combined proposal. There are already quite a few derelict sites in the area depicting failure.

This application should not be permitted to change the face of Dorset Lake Avenue where houses are very much predominant.

I would urge readers to protect the local environment by objecting to this application.