Planning Applications & Decisions for the four weeks ending 7 September 2018

11 September, 2018 | Planning Matters

Application No: APP/18/01062/F, Location: 3 Blake Dene Road, Poole BH14 8HF
Proposal: Single storey flat roof extension to the front elevation.
Application No: APP/18/01098/F, Location: 3 Salterns Way, Poole BH14 8JR
Proposal: Three new apartments.
Application No: APP/18/01119/F, Location: 7 Chaddesley Glen, Poole BH13 7PA
Proposal: Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a block of five flats with basement car parking.
Application No: APP/18/01057/F, Location: 28 Ravine Road, Poole BH13 7HY
Proposal: Demolition of the existing three storey dwelling and erection of a replacement three storey dwelling and detached garage using existing access from Ravine Road. Erect garden store and new swimming pool.
Application No: APP/18/01165/F, Location: 54 Lilliput Road, Poole BH14 8JZ
Proposal: Non-material amendment, following approval 17/01197/F, to enlarge one window and to reduce on another on first floor south elevation.
Application No: APP/18/00831/F, Location: 21 Avalon, Poole BH14 8HT
Proposal: Increase in ridge height incorporating front facing gable and flat roofed dormer, with the addition of a flat roofed dormer to the rear elevation to provide additional living accommodation on the first floor.
Decision: Grant with Conditions
Application No: APP/18/00802/F, Location: 14 Links Road, Poole BH14 9QR
Proposal: Erect four bedroom dwelling house.
Decision: Refuse
Application No: APP/18/00812/F, Location: 30 Anthonys Avenue, Poole BH14 8JH
Proposal: Ground floor extension to front, side and rear. First floor extension at rear including new gable roof to provide second floor of accommodation for a master bedroom. The addition of external terraces at first and second floor level.
Decision: Grant with Conditions
Application No: APP/18/00841/F, Location: 32 Bingham Avenue, Poole BH14 8NE
Proposal: Demolition of the existing dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling.
Decision: Refuse
Application No: APP/18/00898/F, Location: 49 Links Road, Poole BH14 9QS
Proposal: Demolish existing two storey bungalow and replace with two semi-detached houses and one garage.
Decision: Grant subject to CIL contribution
Application No: APP/18/00938/F, Location; 72 Alton Road, Poole BH14 8SS
Proposal: Erect one three bedroom detached house with parking.
Decision: Grant subject to CIL contribution