‘The Cockle’ April 2020

17 April, 2020 | Cockle Newsletters

We are pleased to update you with the latest local news during these challenging times…  

We have just been informed that our Green Bin collections will be resumed by BCP Council!

After all this glorious weather, my wife had me outside doing so much gardening, I think she was about to get me to polish the trees next…so we are delighted to be able to clear away our rotting garden greens !!

Check the following for your road’s collection day: www.poole.gov.uk/bins-waste-and-recycling/bins/bin-collection-day-finder/

Many thanks to BCP for listening to the residents and re-instating this valued service.

All Together Now!!

Copyright and courtesy of Poole Flying Boats Celebration (PFBC)

In anticipation of the closure of the Mediterranean to the Flying Boats of Imperial Airways in WW2, which had been operating from the outbreak of War at Poole, the plan was put into effect to relocate those famous Empire C-Class shorter range aircraft from Poole to Durban for the Horseshoe Route – that extended from South, and East Africa via Egypt, also India through to Singapore and Australia.
Just prior to Italy joining with the Axis Powers, a large number of staff were moved from Poole to Durban by ships from Liverpool, some of these leaving their wartime homes & lodgings in-and-around Lilliput, Poole.

Our group photograph is of beautiful Class Leader Canopus with the whole of the Engineering Section (+ some local recruits) lined-up to send their Love and Best Wishes back to those in the United Kingdom, and of course Poole. 

Community Help

Please remember that we are here to help, we have access to over 60 volunteers locally, and are co-ordinating our efforts with the Reverend Andrew O’Brien of the Transfiguration Church within Dorset Lake area. If you should need anything please shout !


The two numbers below are for the elderly and vulnerable people who can ‘phone to receive food parcels:

    • SAFA  01202 721859
    • Age Concern  01202 530530
    BCP have launched a dedicated helpline to support the vulnerable; the phone line is open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week:
    • 0300 123 70 52

    Food deliveries

    Mark Bennetts, the baker in Lilliput Parade

    They will deliver free of charge, with a minimum order of £10.00
    Tel: 01202 059444

    Oxford’s Delicatessen in Canford Cliffs

    Delivery free of charge to BH13 & BH14 postcodes, minimum order £12.00
    Tel: 01202 701700

    PJ Jones, Butchers, Whitecliff Parade

    Free delivery on orders over £25.00
    Phone between 4pm – 7pm on 07902 008449

    Delivery drivers available
    Thankfully we have also sourced and secured 25 delivery drivers, who would have normally been doing Airport runs, but are very pleased to assist us locally at reduced rates. Please get in touch with us if you are in need.
    Assistance with collections

    If you require assistance with the collection &  delivery of food, shopping, or medications from the pharmacy, or if you are self-isolating and would just like to speak with someone for a chat, please contact one of us below and we will be happy to help:

    Graham:   07759 590242
    Heather:   07786 704522
    Harry:       07789 438400
    Barbara:   01202 700547

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