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21 October, 2021 | Cockle Newsletters

What a busy Summer, and what seems like one of two halves … wet & dry; Lockdown and then our release. New found freedoms, where families and friends are able to meet up socially again.

Personally our garden has never had so much attention, many young trees were planted this last year, with some fruit bushes arriving in the next few weeks. So it’s off to find some horse manure in what seems like a very busy conurbation.…

Hoping all is well with you ‘n’ yours … DLRA would love to hear from you with good or bad, please get in contact whenever you want to.

BCP Seafront Plan

DLRA reviewed and responded to what appears to be a wish list by BCP to encourage more visitors to the area for financial gain. Nothing wrong in that, but BCP seemed to forget that an awful lot of residents live here too … we were unable to find much in the consultation about the needs of the residents in the plan.

One major idea by BCP is to build overnight beach huts in the Chines. This we are told will bring in large sums of money; but what BCP fail to detail are the Crime figures associated with night drinking/ partying on the beaches; the issues the Police have with overnighters, let alone how the  bio-diversity would be affected. The Chines are the green lungs which are so vital for the environment and all of our well being. They were critical areas of exercise during lockdown for a significant number of residents.


Chair of the DLRA

Harry Alexander has been Chair of DLRA for the last 2.5 years. His remit was initially as Chair for 6 months. However, it was felt that as Harry was keen to move the group forward, he was persuaded to stay on for a longer period. During his time, the Membership and supporters has trebled, we have our Newsletter ‘The Cockle’ back in circulation, a revitalised website, initiatives for Members to get-involved with whatever areas of the Community they have an interest in … and the Council are again very much aware of the Dorset Lake Residents Association.  

A significant number of initiatives have been implemented, together with much Campaigning for our local green spaces. All of which couldn’t have been possible without so many volunteers, together with the other members of the Committee, in particular Graham Whitehall as Treasurer, who will now take on the Chair of DLRA.

Harry will still play a role on the Committee – and will continue to assist with The Cockle along with his involvement of other interests such as the Acting Chair of South Poole Chairs Liaison Group; Public Rights of Way and progressing with the importance of Bio-Diversity in urban areas around the UK.

As this is within the area of Dorset Lake and its members, we felt all members should be aware of the issues presently taking place at this location. There is currently a legal challenge (not by DLRA) over the decision to curtail an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), which is being heard in the High Court.

Allegedly BCP never explained why the ETRO was curtailed early. “The only reason given is that Cllr Mike Greene had heard all responses he needed to hear….” Is this the same Mike Greene (Conservative Cllr) who we are informed allegedly voted along side his colleague Cllr Mohan Iyengar to retain the cycle lane on Evening Hill (an ETRO), terminating any parking bays for locals to enjoy the views and take some exercise on the hill (+ bays for disability access)?

Salterns Pop-up Bar

This was given the green light in June by BCP licensing Committee. Residents were concerned it would attract antisocial behaviour … DLRA would welcome your views and thoughts of the new bar at Salterns, especially if you have had a drink there recently.

We have no further news at the present time of the development plans for the flats etc.  As and when we hear, DLRA shall let our members know.


DLRA have had a significant number of members contact us about the many safety concerns several of us have about e-scooters. There has been numerous correspondence from DLRA with officers and councillors. There were 10 people hurt in crashes with e-scooters in Dorset last year. Residents find them a real menace and hazard, they ride illegally on the pavements, in the middle of the roads (often with 2 people on 1 scooter). They don’t have helmets or any safety gear, nor insurance!

Yet BCP is so keen on them, and they detail that the trial was so successful, BCP want more. When will BCP listen to the public, the Police? Hopefully before there are some awful life changing injuries from these e-scooters. Is it that sense and sensibility eludes some policy makers?

Poole Beach Hut Association have also been working hard to try to establish guidance with the e-scooters … www.poolebeachhuts.co.uk. Their Chair; Bob Lister: bob@sunwiser.co.uk

Some better news in the press with Police enforcement action recently being taken, click the link below
www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/19538956.e-scooters-seized-part-police-crackdown/ Bournemouth Echo, 27th August

Planning Applications (10) for the period ending 8th October 2021

We suggest that images of the proposed development at Coolhurst may be of interest to Members:


  • Application No: APP/21/01352/F, Location: ‘Coolhurst’, 383 Sandbanks Road, Poole BH14 8JA.
  • Proposal: Demolish existing building and erect one block of 44 flats with basement parking, bin and cycle store.

See the full listing of applications

If any Member has a local issue that they would like to discuss in confidence, please do make contact.

Very best wishes

DLRA Chair – www.dorsetlake.com
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