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20 December, 2020 | Cockle Newsletters

Garden Waste Collections

The Green Bins have come to an end for 2020 … and our Gardens have now been put to bed.

Although, BCP Council have provided two new dates for your Green Bin 2020 collection, as they were not collected at the beginning of our first lockdown in March. Our dates are 18th January & 1st February 2021 – you can check the dates for your road by phoning 01202 261700.

Pop-Up Cycle Lanes

The petition, which Dorset Lake Residents Association implemented at Change.org for Evening Hill about the newly installed Cycle Lane, together with widenmypath had over 1100 signatures requesting Evening Hill car parking spaces remain open to provide access to the variety of local amenities. DLRA has had to fight to have these signatures heard by BCP; since we were informed by BCP Officers that their Consultation Process can only take effect after the installation of the cycle lane, and not prior to it, as DLRA was told the two petitions were prior, by residents and visitors to the area.

As you will be aware on passing Evening Hill, the cycle lane with its bollards is still in place. DLRA have been informed that various research is/has taken place on the numbers of cyclists using the lane. BCP have been very reluctant to provide this information to the public.  

Following an earlier input from Cllr May Haines about the Council’s research above, requests were again recently made to our four Ward Cllrs about the issue, and Evening Hill’s future, one of our Cllrs, Tony O’Neill, has taken this matter forward and considers it to be significant to the local residents.

Representation was made to the newly appointed leader of the Council; Drew Mellor, but to date he has not corresponded with DLRA and its local residents. 

Keyhole Bridge: linking Whitecliff and Poole Park

Vehicular traffic through Keyhole Bridge  has not been reinstated. This is also part of Grant Schapps MP, and his temporary traffic experiment. It remains open to public comment until 21st February 2021.

Wonder if the Council have thought of a traffic light system ?…so all can pass more safely through the tunnel…as it has been reported that a significant amount of walkers have experienced cyclists travelling at great speeds down the hill and on a blind corner into the tunnel. Some have said ‘they fear for their lives, and in particular their children, as inconsiderate and reckless cyclists use the hill to pick up speed and ride as though they are in Olympic trials’.   

Let’s hope a child isn’t seriously injured in the tunnel, in their excitement to get to the play area

Kenneth Frank Pottle MBE

Ken passed away peacefully on 9th November at home, aged 82. He was a very enthusiastic fundraiser for a variety of good causes, and gave of his time freely to our local Community. He had an active role in Neighbourhood Watch, and as Chair of the South Poole Chairs Group.

DLRA is very thankful to Ken for all of his time and energy during many years of voluntary effort.

Pat Steer

DLRA was shocked to learn of Pat’s passing, after a short time in hospital for cancer, Pat died on 15th October. She was an avid golfer touring and visiting most of the golf courses along the South Coast of England.

Pat was the beloved wife of Peter, who has also given much of his time and energy freely to a significant number of Community causes, particularly in the Whitecliff area, along with being a founding Trustee of Poole Flying Boats.

Forest Holme Hospice asked DLRA if they could be mentioned, particularly during such challenging times.

Forest Holme Hospice provides individually tailored quality palliative care and support to around 1,000 adults of all ages each year across Poole, Wimborne and the Isle of Purbeck, with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses such as Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s, heart disease and respiratory illness.
Forest Holme also offers counselling and bereavement support to both newly diagnosed individuals and family members, as it understands that care extends beyond physical treatment of symptoms, as the emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs of patients, their families, children and carers all need to be considered.
Caroline Fowler
For more information about Forest Holme, visit their website: www.forestholmehospice.org.uk

Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009

An application has been made to undertake repairs of 350 Sandbanks Road wall.
Case Ref. MLA/2020/00393
These can be seen at www.gov.uk/check-marine-licence-register
Representations will also be accepted via marine.consents@marinemanagement.org.uk

Planning matters continue …

Applications (11)

  • Application No: APP/20/00975/P, Location: 1 De Mauley Road, Poole BH13 7HD

Proposal: Demolish existing house and garage and erect three storey block of eight flats with associated parking (Renewal of Permission APP/17/01470/P)

  • Application No: APP/20/01080/P, Location: 329 Sandbanks Road, Poole BH14 8HZ

Proposal: Outline planning application for the demolition of No. 329 Sandbanks Road and the erection of a four storey block of seven flats with associated vehicular access and parking.

More planning matters …

When there was rationing in the UK, at Christmas time the Flying Boat crews brought back oranges, dates and bananas for the local children. This was met with much excitement with a party for them at Salterns.

Wonder who will we rely on for our sustained fruit deliveries come January 1st !!  We hope that positivity, common-sense, friendship, faith & resilience has sustained you throughout these last 10 months. However, during these challenging times, if you are experiencing problems or difficulties in any way, then please get in touch…as if we are unable to solve a problem, then between us we will always be able to find someone who can help.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas
Very best wishes

DLRA Chair – www.dorsetlake.com
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