‘The Cockle’ March 2020 No. 2

28 March, 2020 | Cockle Newsletters

We are pleased to update you with the latest local news during these challenging times…  

Restrictions on our beaches

We have just been informed that at the request of the police, our beaches will be closed from today (Saturday 28th March) to visitors. Local residents who are able to walk or cycle there, can still use the beaches for exercise / dog walking ensuring to keep to the social distancing rules.

Community Help

Please remember that we are here to help, we have access to over 60 volunteers locally, and are co-ordinating our efforts with the Reverend Andrew O’Brien of the Transfiguration Church within Dorset Lake area. If you should need anything please shout !


  • Call SAFA on 01202 721859
  • Call Age Concern on 01202 530530
BCP Council have launched a dedicated helpline to support the vulnerable; the phone line is open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week:
  • 0300 123 70 52

David Morley of Sandbanks has provided some further helpful information regarding food deliveries:

Dorset Shellfish

They are a Weymouth family and the fish comes from their own trawler based in Poole. Because restaurants have closed the wholesale fish market has collapsed so they really need our custom more than ever now. I understand their cooked lobster and fresh turbot is to die for. Also do fish pie, crab mac’n’cheese, dressed crab, monkfish, bass, etc.

Just text Caroline on 07881 632311 to get a text of what’s available. They will deliver on Thursday mornings to your address (or left at Oxfords, Canford Cliffs) and can take card payment on the phone or contactless at the gate.

Jurassic Coast Farm Shop

Delivers meat, fish, fruit and veg

County Foods

Trade suppliers turned household suppliers, open every Saturday at Fleets Industrial Estate 

Ginjams at Westbourne

Offering a collection and home delivery service to those in isolation – fresh food, non-perishable food, frozen food, tea & coffee, kitchen products, cleaning products, bathroom products (inc loo paper!), alcohol, soft drinks & mineral water

If social distancing is forgotten, remember to Duck!

Delivery drivers available
Thankfully we have also sourced and secured 25 delivery drivers, who would have normally been doing Airport runs, but are very pleased to assist us locally at reduced rates. Please get in touch with us if you are in need.
Assistance with collections

If you require assistance with the collection &  delivery of food, shopping, or medications from the pharmacy, or if you are self-isolating and would just like to speak with someone for a chat, please contact one of us below and we will be happy to help:

Graham:   07759 590242
Heather:   07786 704522
Harry:       07789 438400
Barbara:   01202 700547

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