‘The Cockle’ March 2020

23 March, 2020 | Cockle Newsletters

We have only just returned home from a planned week in Devon, and how the world has changed; life is going to be very extraordinary in many different ways… 

Dorset Lake Residents Association (DLRA) is available to everyone who needs assistance in our community, especially at this time.

Please see below for some of the ways in which we can help. We are also looking to cooperate with the national ‘Network of support’.

Up-to-date details of the Coronavirus can be found at www.gov.uk/coronavirus

The Government has recently announced …

A raft of new measures, including a helpline for the most in need of support, have been set out for those considered to be extremely vulnerable:

How we can help

Hot Meals

We have been busily putting in place access to hot food / meal deliveries for our area. On speaking with Lake Yard (whose restaurant is now closed) they have kindly agreed to deliver hot meals to our community.

If you wish to order a hot meal from Lake Yard (plus it can be delivered to your home), please contact them directly as follows and mention DLRA:

Delivery drivers available
Thankfully we have also sourced and secured 25 delivery drivers, who would have normally been doing Airport runs, but are very pleased to assist us locally at reduced rates. Please get in touch with us if you are in need.
Assistance with collections

If you require assistance with the collection &  delivery of food, shopping, or medications from the pharmacy, or if you are self-isolating and would just like to speak with someone for a chat, please contact one of us below and we will be happy to help:

Graham:   07759 590242
Heather:   07786 704522
Harry:       07789 438400
Barbara:   01202 700547

Due to present circumstances, DLRA have had to postpone all forthcoming events and the AGM.

Planning Matters

Although planning applications appear to be ongoing, one nearby is 1 Crichel Mount Road, Lilliput (Lewis-Manning Hospice site) ..

Care South intend to create a care home for the elderly. Letters/ feedback to be considered until 27th March. Please email majoriehouse@care-south.co.uk

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