The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, June 2022

14 April, 2022 | Events

queens_platinum_jubilee_english_0A reminder that all street party applications need to be received by the council by 22nd April at the latest, together with any application to close your road during this time (which will be free of charge). No applications can be accepted after that date.

By “street party”, the council mean one that is organised by, and for all residents in one or two small streets without external publicity.

Roads that are part of a bus route will not be considered suitable for closure for a street party.

Requests to hold Jubilee events on public open space don’t cut off on this date, so if you would like to organise a party in local parks, please submit an event application.

Of course, no one needs permission to go to open space with a group of friends for a picnic.