About Dorset Lake Community

Dorset Lake Community (DLC) (formerly Dorset Lake Residents Association), founded 1925, was the very first voluntary-effort group organised by local residents to look after the interests and concerns of the locality.

The term ‘Dorset Lake’, which is the historic alternative for Poole Harbour, was chosen as a name because it is indicative of the beautiful expanse around Brownsea Island and Lilliput that has numerous inlets as lakes and bays.

The success of this venture, today can be appreciated by the significant character of the area which has been maintained since 1925, despite modern developments!

It was the foresight and fervour of the Association that influenced the opposition to and the refusal of the plans, for example, that once looked to develop Luscombe Vale instead of a Local Nature Reserve that is protected today, and the reclamation of part of Whitley Bay for car parking.

Within the current remit of Lilliput and its neighbourhood there are various references to a vast array of locations, some of which are recognisable through the road names whilst others apply to a range of places/district identities. To assist in identification of these, a panorama has been created by a fusion of old sepia postcards and photographs, to provide a ‘shoreline sweep’ based upon Evening Hill.

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Membership from only £10/household per year

Please click on the map above to download/view it in more detail; the DLC area boundary is marked in blue.