Historical Images

An early perspective across our area created from three paintings by J.B. Marchant (from 1933) courtesy of Poole Museum Services
Little is known about J.B. Marchant, so any information about this artist who had a keen eye for the intrinsic beauty of our localities, would be welcome by DLRA to assist with the ongoing research …
With considerable ‘artistic licence’ the three paintings have been brought together to provide for the first time a panoramic scene, which through much patience has achieved this stunning effect.
Poole’s Stunning Viewpoints from the era when DLRA was founded. The composite picture below has been created by combining three old postcards (hand-painted), based on the scene from the viewpoint at Constitution Hill, to provide a southerly aspect and a panorama towards our Lilliput localities.
The Tram shown is trundling up North Road from the junction at Park Gates, having travelled from Poole via the Parkstone Road (hence its wide aspect), heading for ‘Seaview’ and Ashley Road, before terminating at Westbourne.
Poole’s Electric Tramway from the era when DLRA was founded
The system had been opened in 1901, and operated as Poole & District E.T. until 1905 when it was subsumed by Bournemouth Corporation’s network; it was eventually replaced by Hants & Dorset Motor Buses in 1929.