Reporting ASB & Crime – It’s a Numbers Game!

19 April, 2022 | BCP Updates

Advice from Cllrs. Tony O’Neill and Bryan Dion [Penn Hill Ward]

All too often we hear residents say “I didn’t report it because I was aware that my neighbour had”!

Unfortunately this does not work if you want to receive police or other agencies support.

It is important that all incidents, even though the same incident, are reported multiple times. In their allocation of resources to a given area of crime or the incidents of crime the authorities look at the number of reports received –  it is called ‘evidence based reporting’, which information is used in the allocation of the resources available.

Fact: The more reports received the more police and other agency resources are allocated in response.

Before confirming best ways to report we would highlight the following important information for note:

  • Serious crime or life in danger always dial 999 with as much evidence as is possible to safely gather – however, do not delay the call as time is of the essence.
  • When gathering evidence/information the following information is of value and is also to be recommended for the reporting of all Anti-Social Behaviour [ASB].

Record the location of the incident, date and time. Note all of those involved including the following – male, female, rough age/ages, hair, eye and skin colour; dress style and how dressed, stand out logos or brands, type and colour of shoes worn, distinguishing marks or hairstyles, gait, any names if overheard, dialect. If vehicles are involved – type/make, number plate, colour, distinguishing marks etc. If persons rapidly depart the scene their direction of travel. If safe to do so capture and retain any pictures that may help identify those involved even if gathered from afar as technology may support their enlargement.

  • In gathering evidence never, ever place yourself in danger. Leave any and all risk to the professionals. A little evidence is better than a fuller capture that results in injury or worse.

Advised reporting:

Serious crime, crime in progress or a life in danger always 999

Other crime e.g. ASB [Anti-Social Behaviour]

Apart from the reporting of ALL incidents to the police please note the importance of sharing the same information with the following council safety and security teams who have resources available:

We would not recommend the phoning of 101 as this route is often very busy and may prove to be unduly frustrating.

We hope that this information proves to be of value to you.